Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Christian Financial Advisor

When choosing a financial advisor, choosing someone who understands your background and what you value is important. This is why Christian financial planning is so valuable. While understanding your current financial situation is crucial, a Christian financial advisor can do all of that as well as connect with you on another level, as they share common values with you through their shared belief in biblical wisdom.

Working with a Christian financial advisor in Texas gives you the benefit of structuring your financial strategy in such a way that fits your Christian values, as opposed to focusing solely on the financial.

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Benefits Of Working With A Christian Financial Advisor

Hiring a financial advisor is a process, and not one to take lightly. The relationship you build will be more than simply transacting business. If done successfully, you will be building a relationship with your investment advisor that could span decades. This is why it’s so important that your values are aligned and they understand you from more than just a financial standpoint.

Here are the top three benefits of working with a Christian financial planner:

  1. Integrating your faith: building any strong relationship begins with finding common ground. Having a shared Christian faith and the inherent values and principles that come along with it is a tremendous starting point. Integrating your shared faith in financial conversations may make things much more seamless and smooth. For example, shared views on charity and what organizations to give to are great common connections to have, and having similar values makes things like retirement planning much easier, as you both understand each other and the meaning you seek.
  2. The focus isn’t purely financial: wealth management and the performance of your assets are undeniably important and should be the main focus of investment management. However, that does not mean it should be the sole focus.
  3. Comfort: a Christian-based advisor who shares your values and beliefs may have stories and anecdotes that can better illuminate the meaning they seek to get across, and may be more relatable to you, providing comfort when it comes to your investments and financial planning.

What To Look For In Your Christian Financial Advisor

There are many things to consider when researching Christian advisors, the first of which is understanding their investment strategy and how they approach financial planning, as well as their overall philosophy in both the financial and spiritual aspects.

An advisor that understands biblically responsible investing (BRI) and honors God through their investment strategy will be immensely valuable to socially and biblically conscious investors, as their values drive their investment decisions instead of simply chasing profits. Search for an advisor who uses moral guidelines to guide their investment principles.

Of course, there are other important things to consider when researching prospective advisors outside their spiritual values. You want to research your advisor’s other investing strategies and financial services to ensure they align with your needs. For example, an advisor specializing in short-term and often volatile investments may not be the right advisor for you if you are searching for help on retirement and estate planning. While most advisors will offer a wide scope of financial services, do your part to ensure they specialize in the specific parts of financial planning you need most.

In addition to these prerequisites, always understand how your advisor is compensated, and strongly consider an advisor with a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests. A registered fiduciary ensures that your advisor has a legal obligation to make financial decisions in your best interest, regardless of any outside factors.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right advisor will take time and patience, and should never be a rushed process. As stated above, you should be aiming to build a lasting and enduring relationship with your advisor that will span years, if not decades. Working with the same advisor throughout the various stages of your life will ensure that they will understand your finances in such a way that other advisors could not hope to; imagine building a retirement plan with an advisor you have worked with for 20 years who understands how your investments and wealth has been built and structured up until that point.

Furthermore, if you’re going to build this relationship, it’s important that you do so with someone who can both connect and understand you on a spiritual level too. There is so much more to your finances and investments than just numbers and money. Working with an advisor that has shared beliefs and wisdom is something inherently valuable to you and your portfolio. Contact the advisors at PAX today to learn more about Christian-based advisory services.

This material is provided by PAX Financial Group, LLC. The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. The information herein has been derived from sources believed to be accurate. Please note: Biblically Responsible Investing(“BRI”) involves, among other things, screening for companies that fit within the goal of investing in companies aligned with biblical values. Such screens may serve to reduce the pool of high performing companies considered for investment. Investing involves risk. BRI investing does not guarantee a favorable investment outcome. PAX Financial Group has conducted due diligence for their Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) process and proudly serves as each client’s advocate using fully vetted third-party specialists for the administration of BRI methodology. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investments will fluctuate and when redeemed may be worth more or less than when originally invested. This information should not be construed as investment, tax, or legal advice and may not be relied on for the purpose of avoiding any Federal tax penalty. This is neither a solicitation nor recommendation to purchase or sell any investment or insurance product and should not be relied upon as such.

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