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We Believe
You Deserve More

When you think of wealth, it should mean more than just numbers on a monthly financial statement.  At PAX Financial Group, we are fiduciaries who honor Judeo-Christian values and help high-net-worth individuals and families pursue their meaning of true wealth:

  • Defining what financial freedom means to you
  • Pursuing the type of lifestyle you’ve always wanted
  • Building a legacy for you and your family

Why PAX was created

  • Our services are tailored to successful individuals, families, and business owners who need assistance planning & managing their wealth
  • To serve people with unique needs and complexities who need someone to proactively manage their finances
  • We provide sophisticated wealth solutions for affluent individuals

Four foundational principles of our firm:

About Us - PAX Financial Group

What we do: Overview with a focus on investment management.

At PAX Financial, we are a group of financial professionals who believe that helping our clients effectively manage their finances and meet their financial goals is the way for them to live a better life, regardless of their background. We are committed to providing our clients with the following services to help them live their best life:

  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Investment management strategy 
  • Retirement planning
  • Retirement & Benefit Plans for Business Owners
  • Risk Management-Insurance Planning

The WHAT in what we deliver

  • Protection: We aim to protect your assets by developing comprehensive risk management that works with your personal risk parameters in order to meet your financial and investment objectives
  • Baby Steps: Debt can be a hard hole to climb out of. We put an emphasis on debt management and encourage all of our clients to avoid unnecessary debt
  • PIVOT Process: Our PIVOT retirement process is designed to help clients prepare for the retirement lifestyle that they want to live.
  • Creative Personalization: We personalize each and every one of our client’s financial plans to cater to their unique needs and financial situation

HOW we deliver the WHAT

We abide by the 7 Steps of Financial Planning that are held by the CFP® Board:

  1. Understand the Client’s Personal and Financial Circumstances
  2. Identify and Select Goals
  3. Analyze Client’s Current Course of Action and Potential Alternative Courses of Action
  4. Develop the Financial Planning Recommendations
  5. Present the Financial Planning Recommendations
  6. Implement the Financial Planning Recommendations
  7. Monitor progress and update

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