We Believe You Deserve More

We Believe You Deserve More

About PAX Financial Group

We Believe You Deserve More

Wall Street has long catered to the wealthy.  And with most brokers compensated with commissions, you may get sold products instead of what’s really in your best interest. Discount brokers and robo-advisors allow us to invest for less, but we still have to battle the emotional mistakes that cause most investors to lose out against the market indexes.

What does work? For most of us, it’s full-service advice. This way, you get:

  • expert help in managing risk
  • expert help in managing your investments
  • coaching to make sure you follow through on what’s needed to achieve your goals.

You are constantly encouraged to save more, spend smart, and prepare for the future…which allows you to create the future you want.

But full-service advice is not usually available or affordable unless you have large accounts.

The best of all worlds, for all of us

At PAX Financial Group, we believe that the benefits of full-service advice should be available to everyone, no matter your account balance.  And instead of being provided with complicated fee structures and hidden fees, it should be provided with simple, transparent pricing.

We believe we provide a better solution:

  • Truly full-service financial help (investment management, insurance and financial planning, all in one place)
  • A focus on your needs, not on selling products
  • Affordable, simple pricing

Does it make sense to provide full-service financial advice to Middle America?

We believe the results speak for themselves:  we were voted one of the fastest growing private companies by Inc. Magazine in 2013 and 2017.  And, our client base has continued to expand every year.

Along with our service mentality, we also firmly believe in giving back.  Our commitment to our Texas community shows:

  • We’ve been rated one of the best places to work for five years by the San Antonio Business Journal
  • We’ve had a park named after our CEO for his work in the community (Darryl Lyons Park)

PAX Financial Group At-A-Glance

Experience – 100 years of combined experience in retirement planning, investment management, financial advice, and insurance.

Fiduciary – Yes! Placing clients’ interests first.

Independent – Yes! We work for you, not for a parent company or shareholders.

Compensation – Fee-based fiduciary. We are obligated to put our clients’ interests ahead of our own.

Credentials – Our team includes multiple CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Accredited Investment Fiduciary ® professionals.

Work with our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS® and Accredited Investment Fiduciaries® professionals.

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