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At PAX Financial Group, we focus on more than just your investments.  Instead, we’re here to help you live your best life…whatever that means to you.

Set the stage for your best future:

  • How can I save and pay off debt at the same time?
  • Can I be financially responsible and still have fun?
  • Should I buy a car new, used, or lease?
  • Is a Roth IRA or a regular IRA best for me?

PAX Financial Group can help you:

  • Eliminate money stress by helping you get organized and clear on your money
  • Put a plan in place so you can achieve your goals
  • Stay on track to your own plan
  • Prioritize your spending so you can target your real dreams
  • Handle competing demands of debt and saving for your future
  • Make the right moves to better prepare for  financial security sooner than later
  • Avoid the emotional mistakes that set most people back
Holistic financial planning provided by PAX Financial

Get ready to pivot to the next chapter:

  • Am I saving enough in my 401(k) and Roth IRA?
  • What if there’s a market downturn?
  • What if something happens to me?
  • Should I refinance/buy that car/boat?

PAX Financial Group can help you:

  • Create a clear plan for your money and your life
  • Get your financial life organized to replace stress with confidence
  • Manage competing demands such as supporting family, paying for college, paying off debt and saving for your future
  • Confirm your money is invested appropriately for both your goals and your responsibilities
  • Understand your investment strategy so you feel more confident about it
  • Stay on track to achieving your goals
  • Protect your wealth as it grows

Live the life you imagined:

  • How can I confirm my money lasts?
  • How do I manage healthcare expenses?
  • How can I maximize what I leave behind for family?
  • How can I help my children and grandchildren do better with their money?

PAX Financial Group can help you:

  • Transition successfully to this next chapter of life
  • Ensure you are invested properly with your goals in mind and ability to manage volatility
  • Identify income strategies that are appropriate for your goals and responsibilities
  • Avoid emotionally driven mistakes that could set you back
  • Find ways to preserve what you’ve built
  • Help you plan your legacy
  • Help you plan and manage your charitable giving

Our commitment to you: 

  • We’ll be here to support you in preparation for your life goals, not just your money goals
  • We’ll help you circumvent the emotional mistakes that most individuals make, that keeps their goals out of reach
  • We’ll help you build the habits that will outline your direction towards financial security and independence
  • We’ll provide you with online tools for instant access to your accounts, from a variety of sources, so you can feel confident about your money
  • We’ll help you celebrate the achievement of each milestone and goal in your plan (that’s our favorite part)


We use the PAX Financial Group Gong to celebrate anytime a client reaches an important milestone.  Here’s the most frequent gong strikes heard around the PAX Financial Group office:

  • Paid off the mortgage
  • Gave notice for retirement
  • Last dollar of credit card debt paid off
  • Student loan finally paid off
  • Child sent off to college
  • Hit a savings goals
  • Sold a business

There is no sweeter sound than hearing that gong go off during the day.  Every time we hear it, it means a client has achieved a significant goal or milestone.  That’s the reason we’re all here.

Darryl Lyons, Co-founder, CEO

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