Because your retirement is more than just investments.

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Why People Choose PAX?

Creating a Personalized
Action Plan Together

Everyone deserves to be hopeful about their future.
But there's a problem...
  • Managing your money can be an overwhelming process
  • There's information overload in the news and media
  • There are uncertainty and insecurities about the future.
  • Finding someone you trust is difficult

This is how we do it:


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Meet with a Financial Expert

We want to focus on what you care about. We have a discovery process to genuinely understand what drives you. Clarity on your goals and resources is the first step in living the life you want.

Create a Personalized Plan

Identifying trade-offs you are willing to make allows us to create a personalize plan that reflects your values and the necessary steps to reach your financial goals.
Stop worrying about your future and live the life you want one decision at a time.

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Retirement planning
for the real world.

There’s plenty of planning options for the 1%, but what about for the rest of us? And who wants to retire? We prefer that you pivot to the next chapter, where your time is yours and you can fill it with the people and the places you love.

Our PIVOT Retirement Planning™ system will help you prepare for that next, fruitful chapter of your life. It’s about far more than just your investments…it’s about investing in your life.


Read our New Book:

If you’re a grandparent, you may wonder how you can help your grandchildren learn good money habits. Our guide shows you how to give your grandkids a leg up in life without ruffling feathers.

Ready to have a real conversation
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