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Focused Communications

At PAX Financial, we’re here to help you plan for, and PIVOT, into retirement.  Our services can guide your proposed strategy.

What Should I Expect?

Do expectDon't expect
Real Conversations.We help you get clear on what you really want out of life, then help you make a realistic plan to achieve it. Once the plan is confirmed, we will adjust as needed!Superficial discussions.We focus on more than your investments, so we’re not going to sidestep the real conversations that will obscure your goals. Your future is too important!
A proven process. We don’t experiment with your future. Instead, we use proven, time-tested processes to help you systematically build wealth and improve your finances. The next hot stock tip. We’re not here to get you into Bitcoin or the latest hot stock. Instead we focus on real wealth building strategies, where you’re not jeopardizing your money on the latest fad.
The expertise you need. We’ve helped many clients improve their future over the years. We have the credentials, education and experience you need to feel confident with us. Sales pitches. As fiduciaries, we don’t sell, we give you advice based on what’s best for you. We'll tailor product solutions that are best suited for you.
Opportunities to grow. We’ve been applying the Dave Ramsey principles for over 10 years, and we love sharing them. We provide events, radio shows and other learning opportunities to our clients and their families.A lot of technical talk. It’s our responsibility to communicate everything you need to know in plain English, not jargon.
Peace of mind and optimism. We help our clients replace financial stress with peace of mind and optimism from knowing you are a living legacy.Getting nickel-and-dimed. Fees matter. We have a simple billing structure, so you won’t get nickel and dimed…instead your money continues working for you.


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