Financial Advisor

Roger Stukkie

My success in life has come far more from having the right people than having the right answers

Roger Stukkie’s background includes working as a wholesaler for a nationally known insurance company, working as a wholesaler for a mutual fund brokerage, and providing comprehensive financial planning services.  

He joined PAX Financial in 2020 in pursuit of a company where values like kindness, love, and having a servant’s heart were reflected in the culture, ethos, and business model. He felt called upon to use his gifts, knowledge, and talents to help others. PAX afforded Roger the opportunity to pursue the utmost professionalism and achieve high-performance levels while also practicing generosity and selflessness. His hope is that working with him puts his clients’ lives on a better trajectory, whether that means amassing a multimillion-dollar retirement fund or budgeting effectively for groceries.  

He lives in San Antonio with his wife, youngest daughter, and two dogs. He also has adult twins that are still frequent visitors to their home. Roger devotes much of his free time to board games, golfing, playing musical instruments, and volunteering for community outreach initiatives at Heights Community Church.

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