Financial Advisor

Laura Simpson

There is no better time to begin planning than the present

Laura Simpson heads the North Carolina extension of PAX Financial. She joined PAX in 2006 when the team consisted of just six people and has watched it grow into a sophisticated operation executed by 30 team members. After nearly nine years of ping-ponging between North Carolina, where her family is based, and Texas, Laura settled in North Carolina, bringing her expertise and position at PAX with her.

From a young age, Laura knew she wanted to help people manage their finances. Her parents struggled to make wise financial decisions, which piqued Laura’s interest in wealth management. Laura’s background includes experience in banking, lending, insurance, and tax preparation, which affords her a breadth of knowledge when it comes to serving her clients as a financial planner. She is dedicated to helping clients make wise financial decisions and thrives amid the high expectations inherent in being a team member at PAX Financial.

Outside of her career at PAX Financial, Laura is very involved in her church and serves on the Hendersonville Branch Advisory Board for NC State Employees Credit Union. She also balances her professional life with her family life, seizing every opportunity to spend time with her husband and three children.

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