Co-Founder, Board Member, Financial Advisor

Joseph Schuetze

As co-founder of PAX, I have always believed that our clients trust us with not only their future, but their family’s future and generations to come. I want to make sure we do not let them down.

Joseph Schuetze co-founded PAX Financial with aspirations to provide an exceptional experience for clients of all portfolio sizes and an opportunity for financial professionals to provide real value to clients. In the years since he has worked to build a robust team dedicated to providing the same support to their 250k portfolio clients as their 25 million portfolio clients.

Joseph had the pleasure of watching his father transform from being a poor roofer to the owner of his own highly successful, Texas-based construction company. Joseph now manages his father’s personal finances, in addition to the finances of other business owners and professionals who are on the cusp of retirement. He endeavors to earn his clients’ trust by providing sound advice and outstanding service. Most of Joseph’s clients have worked with him for many years, relying on his expertise to tackle complex financial problems.

Outside the office, Joseph teaches a Bible study curriculum through Christ Is Life Ministries and worships at Community Bible Church. His commitment to living a life in service of others informs the core values and strategic objectives of PAX Financial.

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