Janise Brooks

We may not be able to improve one thing by 1000% but we can improve 1000 little things by 1%.

Janise Brooks joined PAX Financial in 2007 as a driven young professional eager to learn and develop. 

She started as an administrative assistant, then earned her investment advisor, securities, and insurance licenses, and worked her way up to President. Now, Janise uses her penetrating insight into systems and processes to develop a sophisticated workflow that keeps PAX running smoothly. She is adept at maximizing efficiency, troubleshooting problems both large and small, and developing sustainable and scalable solutions that put small businesses on par with large corporations. 

Janise ensures that the entire team is on track in their pursuit of strategic objectives and in their execution of PAX philosophies. At the end of the day, her top priority is to help her team members provide the best possible experience for clients. 

Her father met her mother in northern Japan. They moved from Japan to the States and raised her two older brothers and Janise in the rural California countryside. There, Janise landed her first job on the neighbor’s farm and learned the value of hard work. She became financially self-sufficient by age 17 and used the strong work ethic and money management skills her parents instilled in her to put herself through school. Janise is currently pursuing a Master’s in I/O Psychology.

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