CEO, Co-Founder

Darryl W Lyons

There is a huge difference between retiring and PIVOTing: one focuses on ending, the other embraces new beginnings.

Darryl Lyons is one of PAX Financial’s three founders and current CEO. His commitment to ongoing professional development is exemplified by his membership in relevant professional groups, such as the National Federation of Independent Business Owners (NFIB), C12 Group, Dave Ramsey Investment Advisory Council, and Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management Advisory Council.

Before PAX, Darryl was on track for a future on Wall Street, but his love for Texas and dreams of a more rewarding career led him to create PAX Financial instead. Influenced both by an upbringing without privileges and close association with associates whose wealth failed to make them happier, Darryl’s mission is both to aid clients in growing their wealth and guide clients toward aligning their wealth with their values and goals.

In his time outside of PAX, Darryl has lobbied in DC for small business reform, chaired a board that redeveloped part of San Antonio, published books and articles, and co-founded a non-profit in Moldova. His faith and church memberships are integral to his personal and professional development. He carves out time to join church committees, including financial committees and international ministry committees, while also facilitating a Bible study that helps men be better husbands and fathers.

Darryl’s ambition is to create a legacy within people whose lives have been bettered via contact with him.

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