Financial Advisor, Advice Research Manager

Bryan Wing

We are making decisions, together, that will impact generations.

For the past ten years, Bryan Wing has applied his sharp intellect to the elevation of PAX Financial clients. His practice is informed by years of experience guiding a broad range of clients to a better financial future.

A lifetime educator and learner, Bryan closely studies the economy, the market, and investment trends both to better serve his clients and to satisfy his own curiosity. His depth of knowledge, combined with years of financial planning and investment management experience, is apparent in his work with clients.

In his role as a PAX financial planner, Bryan also uses his previous experience as a high school teacher to guide his conversations with clients. He encourages clients to engage with the financial advising process, ask questions, and develop an understanding of each financial choice they make.

Although his immediate goal is often to help clients save toward retirement and college, his long-term goal is to maximize the potential for positive generational change when it comes to financial planning.

When not at the office, Bryan might be found playing a Stevie Ray Vaughn tune on his guitar.

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