Retirement and Identity with Brad Hobbs PhD


This stat might shock you: 

Your chance of having a heart attack goes up 40% after retirement. And almost one third become depressed at this stage of life.

But retiring itself isn’t the cause. The real problem is that retirees often lose their sense of purpose after leaving the workplace. 

Thankfully, it’s easy to find God’s purpose for you after retirement. 

In this episode, our guest Brad Hobbs shares how personality profiles help you find your purpose and identity after you leave the workplace. 

That way, you can live a long, healthy and enjoyable life after retirement. 

Listen now. 

Show Highlights Include:

  • The “game ball” strategy for encouraging kids to put God first ([4:57])
  • How to leave a lasting legacy to your children (even if they have no interest in inheriting your assets) ([6:46])
  • The weird reason asking “why am I here?” could protect you against heart disease ([12:42])
  • How to identify God’s purpose for you by uncovering your “3 pieces” ([13:22])
  • The “goodness” trap that could cripple your family legacy (and how to avoid it) ([16:19]


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