Retired Marine Shares Transition Tips for the Military with Tony White

“Put your mind to it and work hard.”

We’ve all heard similar words since we were children.

Because having the right work ethic helps us make the right decisions for ourselves.

And especially people, who’ve succeeded despite many hardships growing up, say that their success was due their work ethic.

And who could explain how to develop the right work ethic better than a veteran who served his country for many years?.

In this episode, retired marine Tony White, shares how to thrive in hard times, and a simple tip to make better decisions.

Listen now.

show highlights include:

  • The work ethic that turns hardships in your life into your biggest achievements ([2:08])
  • How to adapt to new responsibilities (even if they are the opposite of what you expected) ([8:18])
  • One simple, yet effective habit to end bad decisions you regret ([12:59])
  • How networking with the right people can be a short cut to changing your career


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