How to Optimize Your Habits


One of the lesser-known reasons investors fail to build a legacy is their habits outside of the financial markets.

And it’s one of the most tragic ones, since we keep many of our habits for life without knowing better.

So, to increase your net worth, you can ask yourself how well you can manage your money first.

You can develop solid financial management habits like Warren Buffet without reading 6 hours a day.

Because, if you have the mental clarity, the wit and energy it takes to solve complex problems with your habits,you will achieve the financial success you want.

So, in today’s episode, you’ll discover the common “disease” which stops you from racking up wealth, how to break past your daily distractions, and the habits that ensure you get closer to your goals today.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • How this “High Earning” myth cripples your finances (even if you watch your expenses) ([1:02])
  • A well-known silent disease most financial planners ignore that’s eating your profits ([3:12])
  • The reason why most lottery winners end up destroying their lives (and the first steps to avoid that) ([7:14])
  • The “Six Most” method that eliminates stress (while you keep setting higher financial goals) ([12:32])


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