2023 stock market thoughts


The stock market seems turbulent and unpredictable right now.

It’s high volatility is probably not going away soon.

While this is discouraging, you are not powerless or have to just wait it out.

In fact, understanding what makes the current market unpredictable is the first step to set your portfolio up for bigvwins.

In today’s episode, I’ll share a tried and tested strategy to invest in the stock market, how to analyze stocks in a hurry, and how to invest now to reap higher rewards in the future.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The “Core-Satellite” portfolio that gives you stability while saving you time ([5:58])
  • The simple, yet reliable way to find the right stocks for your portfolio ([7:27])
  • How changes of the debt ceiling may affect the performance of your portfolio ([15:23])
  • How to protect your stock portfolio against high volatility in the markets ([18:27])


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