Three Variations of Retirement

There are three different variations of retirement that should be considered by everyone. Not everyone can pick and choose the dream retirement, but knowing the three options should help you plan and navigate.

Variation 1: The Gold Watch

Traditionally, blue-chip companies provided an attractive-level pension to create income you could not outlive. The pension was a way to earn loyalty from quality employees and management. Airlines, municipalities, automotive companies, school districts and many other organizations with the scale to support pensions offered this very attractive retirement plan. If you selected the choices correctly, your widow/widower would have also received your monthly check should you have passed away too soon. In the Department of Defense (DOD), this is called Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP). Unfortunately, pensions are a dying breed. So is the gold watch you get on retirement day. When people think of retirement, they think of the gold watch pension scenario. This option is becoming less and less of a reality in the new market environment. If you’ve got one, count your blessings. Pensions are a lucrative benefit.

Variation 2: I Will Never Retire

This is not an uncommon approach for the entrepreneur, solo-preneur or service-oriented worker. Honestly, I would likely fall into this category as long as I’m enjoying what I’m doing. But we have to be real here. Our minds and our bodies might not allow us to “never retire.” There may be a point in time where a stroke, cancer or cognitive issue prevents us from serving the market place. I hate to think of life this way, but I see it every day. In this scenario, the “never retire” worker should start planning for a day when his/her mind can’t function in the same capacity. Maybe it never happens, but in regards to aging, ignorance is far from bliss.

Variation 3: PIVOT

This is the fun option. With careful planning, the worker identifies a day in his/her life where the current business card is thrown in the trashcan and a new chapter begins. The new chapter recognizes the wisdom, skills and unique experiences in life and matches them with the needs of the community. The transition is not retirement but a pivot to another direction where you might be called to serve. It is fun, fulfilling and, frankly, extends life.

Knowing the three variations of retirement, what option will you consider?

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