Retirement Planning San Antonio: Video Conferencing Can Make It Easier

There is no question, communication with your financial advisor is crucial. Meeting on a regular basis is important to stay abreast of what is going on with your hard-earned money and how your investments are performing. However, because of major advancements in technology, the way these meetings are taking place has changed dramatically.

Many investors are taught that you must meet with a financial advisor the same way you’d meet with a lawyer or a doctor – face-to-face. But because of the Internet, that doesn’t require you to be in the same room anymore. Or even the same city. Or even the same country!

These face-to-face meetings are happening virtually.

For example, PAX Financial Group offers video conferencing. For our clients who don’t want to commute to the office or simply can’t find time in the day to drive to the office and meet one-on-one, they don’t have to. There’s no need to request time off from work or coordinate family responsibilities to make sure clients can make it to a meeting on time. All they need to communicate with their PAX Financial team is a computer or a Smartphone – that’s it!

With these devices, we can communicate (often times face-to-face) wherever a client happens to be – work, home or even on vacation. This also allows spouses to join from separate locations. For example, if a husband and wife are both at work, they can separately log into an online group meeting. All they have to do is click on a link and the meeting will begin. If they don’t have a camera on their desktop, that’s fine too. While we may not be able to see their face, we’ll still be able to hear each other. And we can still share what’s on our computer screen.

Learn more about these meetings here, in the video titled “Video Conferencing Available, June 2018.”

Please note: This virtual presence does not change the advice we give; it simply changes the way we communicate to those who prefer it this way.

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A virtual presence also allows an investor to access their financial statements or returns online through a client portal like PAX Connect – no more snail mail if that’s a pain point!

While some investors still prefer to have a physical copy of their statements in their hands, more and more are opting for an electronic copy. And that doesn’t just mean emails anymore. An email inbox can become cluttered too.

PAX Financial Group can inform clients via social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. We understand that retirement isn’t just investments; it’s your life! So, depending on how our clients want to be informed, we deliver it.

For example, visual investors may prefer watching videos, so PAX Financial Group has a YouTube channel where clients can find videos of our staff discussing the issues – they’re not just generic videos that you can find anywhere. Prefer to read an article? We regularly add new content to our blog, which can be read online. Want a quick, bite-sized post about what’s been going on? PAX Financial Group is on Facebook.  We also have a new, modern, user-friendly website. If you want to put a face to the name, our website displays photos of all of our staff members along with a short bio.

In today’s society, if your advisor does not have a Web presence, it may be time to upgrade. An online presence lets you research a firm beforehand. What are their credentials? What services do they offer? You can find anything you want to know about PAX Financial Group here.

Another plus to having a virtual presence is that there may be certain resources you’d like to utilize but maybe you forgot to ask for them. An online presence allows you to retrieve those resources at any time potentially through a resource page.

It’s true that some investors still like the traditional way of communicating – and that’s OK. We like it too and welcome our clients to call or stop by at any time.

But here are 5 reasons why you might want to start communicating online:

1. Commute

There’s really no need to drive to the office to talk with an advisor anymore. You can save gas and schedule a meeting right from the comfort of your own home.

2. Convenience

Do you and your spouse have to talk with your financial advisor but your schedules don’t match up for another two weeks? You can group chat in a meeting online from separate locations.

3. Casual

Want your financial statements but don’t want to change out of your pajamas? Choose a financial advisor who allows you to access and discuss your documents from home.

4. Comfortable

Would you rather meet from your sofa? From work? On vacation? Video conferencing allows investors to communicate with their advisors from almost anywhere.

5. Confrontation

An online presence allows you to find out more information about the advisor you’re working with, without any uncomfortable confrontation.

Choosing to trust a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions you will make. This person will help you (or prevent you from) reaching your retirement goals. Proper retirement planning with the right advisor will help ensure whether you get to live the retirement you want, where you want and when you want as well as whether you’re able to leave something behind after your gone.

For more information on how PAX Financial Group communicates with their clients, contact us … in whatever way you prefer!

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