Relationship Manager

Haley Wall

Haley's personal bio

(210) 881-5693

Haley Wall serves PAX Financial as a gifted Relationship Manager. In her role, she adeptly channels her ability to make connections and build trust, putting clients at ease as they discuss their finances. She has a knack for perceiving client motivations before they’re vocalized and is able to then translate those motivations to financially achievable goals.  

As she works with PAX’s capable financial advisors to bring clients closer to their ideal financial futures, she finds particular enjoyment in witnessing the profound effects that financial success can have on clients and their families. 

Haley first connected with CEO Darryl Lyons over a phone call, serving as a reference for another job applicant. Haley’s character and Pax’s philosophy were such a natural match that Haley ultimately joined the company in 2009, serving the company in a variety of roles before settling in as a Relationship Manager. 

When not at PAX, Haley applies her business acumen to her role as CEO of Transmission Corridor Engineering, Inc. She has five children and a passion for traveling bred by her military upbringing. 

Sometimes investments and insurance can be overwhelming, I’m here to listen.
  • Joined the team:
    December 2009
  • What motivates Haley?
    Helping others accomplish their goals and teamwork.
  • Hidden talent:
    Using her OCD tendencies to help her friends clean and organize their closest
  • Community Involvement:
    Mentor for teen parents
  • Interests:
    Spending time with my family
  • Favorite book:
    Thanks for the Feedback by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen
  • Favorite team:
    PAX! I don’t watch sports