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Most wealth management firms don’t talk much about fees, and sadly, many clients don’t even understand what they are paying.

We believe you need to know exactly what you are paying and why.

Over time, fees matter.  Overpaying for services can definitely eat into your savings.

On the other hand, buying services completely on price can leave you without the advice you need to ever properly plan your future (robo-advisors or discount brokers).  Saving is great, but if you never reach your goals, that’s not good for you.

At PAX Financial Group, we provide a full service solution without high account minimums so you can get the service you need at a fair price.

  • No account minimums
  • Transparent fee structure that doesn’t favor some clients over the others
  • All inclusive pricing so you know what you’ll be paying
  • No nickel and diming—you won’t get surprise bills from PAX Financial Group

Here’s how it works:

One simple fee gets you the full-service professional financial advice you need when life happens:

  • Financial planning and PIVOT Retirement Planning™
  • Complete investment management
  • Regular meetings with PAX Financial Group professionals, either in person, teleconference or by phone
  • 24/7 access to your accounts using our online tools
  • Complimentary educational events and other resources to keep you up to date

You are charged one single, all-inclusive fee based on the amount you have in your accounts.

  • Accounts are aggregated by household to determine the lowest percentage if all Accounts are managed as one relationship.
  • The annual fee will be deducted from your account in four quarterly installments.
  • For your convenience, PAX Financial Group also offers a full range of insurance (life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance) along with fixed income annuities. However, please note that any insurance or annuities purchased are not part of the single fee and incur a fee or commission for each purchase.*


Account SizeAnnual Fee
$0 - $199,0001.60%
$200,000 - $499,9991.35%
$500,000 - $999,9991.10%
$1,000,000 - $1,999,9990.90%
$2,000,000 - $2,999,9990.80%
$3,000,000 - $3,999,9990.70%
$4,000,000 - $4,999,9990.60%
$5,000,000 +0.50%

*Please note that annual fee does not include any fee or commission due for the purchase of insurance or fixed income annuity products. Additional fees may be applicable including however not limited to, ACH/Wire transaction costs, transfer fees, SEC and Custodial fees relating to investments etc.

*The schedule reflects the maximum fees charged to PAX advised Client.  The specific annualized fee charged is set forth by the Client and Adviser respectively.

Am I locked into a long term contract with PAX?

No! We want you to feel comfortable.  You may cancel your agreement with PAX Financial Group with thirty-days notice to us at any time.

What if I want to switch my account to PAX Financial Group? 

You can switch to us and that is a generally simple process.  However, there are some potential landmines when you switch advisors, so it’s smart to engage us from the beginning.  There’s no cost to do that and we can help make sure there’s no adverse tax consequences, or awkward communications, as you make the change.

With so many choices, it’s really hard to know where to turn to for good financial help.  Discount brokers and robo advisors save you money but you miss out on the planning that helps you achieve your real dreams.  At PAX Financial Group, we set out to provide our community with an affordable full-service solution, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Darryl Lyons, CFP®, AIF®

CEO & Investment Planner

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