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  • Successful people form the habits of what failures don’t like to do
  • Finish strong
  • Emotional Cycle of Changes; uninformed optimism, valley of despair, success.
  • Five Habits to Create Raving Funs
    • Do what you say
    • Show up on time
    • Say please and thank you
    • Return phone calls within 24 hours
    • Finish what you start

Relationships with People

  • Time honored disciple: under promise and over deliver.
  • Forgiveness is not a feeling it is a commitment.
  • All relationships experience crisis.
  • Any excuse for non performance, however valid, softens the character (reputation).
  • Life’s greatest priviledge — to be a Brother and Sister in Christ.
  • If everyone loves what you say you are lying somewhere.
  • Children spell love … T.I.M.E.
  • How do you surface reality? Robust conversation.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a seed.
  • Avoid impulse communications if possible.
  • It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper.
  • Avoid gossip.

Savings and Investments

  • Saves the pennies and the dollars will save themselves.
  • People who understand interest – collect it.
  • People who don’t understand interest – pay it.
  • In calm waters every ship has a good captain.
  • High emotion leads to low financial intelligence.
  • You think different when you think long term.
  • An emergency fund turns a crisis into an inconvenience.


  • The easiest way to convey energy and enthusiasm is SMILE.
  • When things go well look out the window. When things go bad look in the mirror.
  • Be glad for the troubles of your job, they account 1/2 of your pay.
  • We overestimate the power of an event and underestimate the power of a process.
  • In heaven we will learn how small were the big things and big were the small things.

Relationship with God

  • Faith alone is worthless. It’s the object of the faith that matters.
  • The real reason to tithe is to honor God.
  • I will thank the Lord at all times.
  • If you don’t surrender to Christ you surrender to chaos.
  • God thoughts should outnumber Goliath thoughts 9 to 2.
  • God will not lead you to violate his word.


  • Negatives are handed up, positives are handed down.
  • A good reprimand is short and uncomfortable.
  • Four qualities of a leader: authenticity, self-awareness, self-mastery, humility.
  • Leading and managing are not the same.
  • There is only one way to avoid criticism; do nothing, say nothing,and be nothing – Aristotle.

Decision Making/Priorities

  • Do not make decisions on fear because fear is not a fruit of the spirit.
  • If I followed you for one month, I would know by looking at your checkbook and your time, who you are.
  • The very essence of the superior individual’s superiority lies in their greater ability to make themselves do what they tell themselves to do.
  • Trust then verify.

Net Worth Planning

PAX Financial Group’s Net Worth Planning Process

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