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PAX Financial Group, LLC was founded on the idea that an advisor must have the heart of a teacher. However, we know that we can’t just teach; we must walk through life with our clients. That means we strive to consistently hire the best talent, service using the best technology, and implement our planning with an objective selection of products and services.

We exist to bring generational change to Middle America through a process of independent financial guidance and principled leadership.

We see families in our community Experiencing Hope and Living Legacies.

1. Philosophy – We embrace the Dave Ramsey philosophy of financial planning.
2. Independent – We do not offer proprietary products, only independent advice
3. Support – We have multiple advisors and staff to service the client’s needs.
4. Internal Process – We have developed systems that are tested by top advisors around the country.

We are committed to a process that helps our clients achieve Financial Peace.

1. Educate Simplify complex financial concepts
2. Gather Understand where you are and where you want to be
3. Evaluate Organize information using multiple resources to understand your situation
4. Recommend Offer strategies based on your needs and goals that are not product driven.
5. Implement Execute the investment, insurance, and cash flow strategy
6. Monitor Review periodically and make necessary changes

History of PAX Financial Group, LLC

Darryl Lyons, Joseph Schuetze, and Andres Gutierrez established PAX Financial Group, LLC in January, 2007. All three individuals had successful careers forFortune 100 companies but shared a common passion for an independent approach to financial advice. Darryl, Joseph, and Andres continued to receive the very important endorsement from Dave Ramsey and also established their own radio show, Financial Myth Busters, on AM 630 KSLR. Although the show had success, all three partners’ families were growing. Creating boundaries in their lives was important. Therefore, in 2009, they decided to end Financial Myth Busters…for now.

Also in 2009, Andres was recruited by Dave Ramsey to move to Nashville, TN to help translate and broadcast Dave’s message of financial hope to the world in Spanish. Darryl and Joseph were left to “hold down the fort” and have done so with success. Although Andres has been missed, PAX has grown, and is committed to sustaining that growth by recruiting and retaining some of the top talent in San Antonio. If you would like to learn more about PAX Financial Group, LLC, or where PAX is going be sure to ask one of the PAX associates or advisors about our Mission and Vision.